APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP

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NEW MEMBERS: Please enclose $10.00 initiation fee plus $20.00 annual dues for a total of $30.00
per rig. Membership in the national Winnebago International Travelers (WIT) is required to be a member
of the California State Club of WIT (CALWIT). If you are not already a member of WIT, we can help you
RENEWALS: Please enclose $20.00 annual dues per rig for each year of renewal.

Check   one:    _______   New Member    ______   Renewal           Amount Enclosed_______________

Make checks payable to:
California State Club of WIT

Mail to check and application to:  
          Bob Jehle, Treasurer
                                                              California State Club of WIT
                                                              13976 Lindbergh Circle, Chico, CA 95973

Membership in a local chapter of the California State Club of WIT (CALWIT) is not a requirement for
membership in the state club. However, local chapters have more frequent meetings and have members
who welcome fellow owners of Winnebago products and are very knowledgeable about the products. We
encourage new members to contact local chapters and ask to attend one of their outings as a guest.
Lists of local chapters, their area of membership, and their calendar of outings are available on the state
club website (

Art Schipper, President
California State Club of WIT