Chapter Name___________________________________________WIT#____________________

If you are a member-at-large or from out of state, please indicate under Chapter Name.

Motorhome_________ Towable_________ Rig Length_________ No. of Slides_________

Arrival Date____________ First-Timer: Yes______ No______ Handicap Parking: Yes____ No_____

Registration Fees:
One Rig/Two People                                                    $254.00 (4 days)                $_______________

One Rig/One Person                                                    $210.00 (4 days)                $_______________

Each Extra Person                                                      $   44.00 (4 days)                 $_______________

Additional Days (Parking) ______X                        $   30.00 (per day)                   $_______________

No. Persons for “Cabaret” _____ X.                  $   28.00 (per person)                   $_______________

                                                                                                           Total              $_______________
No. Persons for Golf __________

NOTE: Adjustment for fewer nights is available.  Contact Pres. Sue Chambers for prices. (707 321-1704)

                                RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY Sept. 28th, 2019
                                                     NO REFUNDS AFTER Oct. 3, 2019

      Make checks payable to CALIFORNIA STATE CLUB OF WIT and mail along with this form to:

                      Bob Jehle, 13976 Lindbergh Circle, Chico, CA 95973
Registration Form

CalWIT Fall Rally
October 17-21, 2019
Mother Lode Fairgrounds
220 Southgate Dr. Sonora, CA 95370; Telephone: 209-532-7428
Oktober/Fright - Fest