December 4, 2020

To all CalWIT Members

Sue Chambers reminded me yesterday that I hadn’t closed the loop on our
election of officers for 021.  As you will recall, I had called for nominations
for officers three times, the last being in about the last week in October,
with the proviso that if there were no  nominations for any of the offices of
the State Club, the nominations by the nominating committee (the 2020
officers) would be elected.  This was the closest method to the electing
procedure that we use at our in- person meetings I could come up with.

There were no nominations forthcoming at any of the three calls for
nominations, and therefore, the slate of officers was elected.  I had held
off confirming that because of the national elections, and now realize that I
should have announced the newly elected officers for 2021 immediately.

The officers for 2021 are:
President                                     Sue Chambers
1st  Vice President                      Larry Imoe
2nd Vice President                      Bruce Browne
Secretary                                     Cheri Imoe
Treasurer                                     Bob Jehle
Past President                             Art Schipper (the position of past
president is not subject to election)  

My congratulations to all of our newly elected officers.  I know that all of
you will help and encourage them as we plan for a hoped-for and longed-
for resumption of in-person CalWIT meetings.  As soon as I can figure out
how to hold a ZOOM meeting, I will swear in your

The news about COVID-19 continues to seem more dire.   All of us need
to be patient as the vaccines treat doctors, nurses, first responders, and
those with the greatest need.  We hope that enough Californians will be
willing to be vaccinated that we can leave this pandemic behind us
as a bad memory.  

We have had to cancel our January meeting in Hemet and have rolled that
reservation over to January 2022.  There still is a discussion about where
our October 2021 rally will be held.  By then, the hoped-for immunity to
COVID-19 from the vaccine should have kicked in and we will be able to
get together again.

In the meantime, please continue to take all precautions to remain healthy.   

Art Schipper
Past President