June 2020

The President Ponders:
Well, this certainly has been a different and difficult Spring.  We had
a great CalWIT State Club meeting in January, even while we were
hearing the first whispers of a problem in Wuhan.  In February we had
the first known case of COVID-19 on the West Coast at the south end
of San Francisco Bay.  In March we began to hear of more cases,
especially in nursing homes.  And it grew and grew. At this time we
have over 2,000,000 cases and over 110,000 deaths.  While the first
California cases were in the San Francisco Bay area, most new cases
are in the southern California counties, including Kern County.
All this is weighing heavily on my mind, because I promised that I, along
with rest of the CalWIT State Club Executive Committee, would decide
by July 31 if we could safely have our State Club rally from Wednesday
afternoon, October 21 until Sunday morning, October 25.  The meeting i
s planned to be held at the Bakersfield RV Resort, where we have met a
number of times since our first time there in 2010.  I have contacted a
number of potential seminar presenters, but with the pandemic at the
forefront of everybody’s thinking nobody has done more than tell me
they would think about it.
As I think of the clubhouse and possible table layout, if social distancing
is still in place in California, I think that we could have to cancel the
meeting because maintaining social distancing would be difficult.  Table
games in the evening would be somewhat problematic unless everyone
played solitaire.
My hope is that everything will settle down over the next month and a half
so that we can have our meeting 3½ months from now.  At this moment I
think the chance of holding our meeting is by no means certain.  However,
the executive committee will continue planning activities until a decision is
Another issue is State Club officers for 2021.  At the moment we have
nominees for all offices
except secretary, and hopefully someone will
step up for that important position.  Elections will be held on Saturday
evening of the meeting.  I have talked with executive committee members
about what we should do if we can’t hold the October meeting, with
suggestions ranging from keeping the current officers to having an on-line
election.  Both ideas have positive and negative aspects.
With so much to still be resolved, I would like to end on a positive note: All
of us on the executive committee hope to see all of you at the October
State Club meeting in October. Stay healthy, upbeat, and look forward to
meeting friends, making new friends, and to a better 2021.

Art Schipper
CalWIT President