In these days of uncertainty about COVID 19, it is important to keep in mind the
suggested ways of avoiding the disease are  social distancing, frequent hand
washing for 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer (if you can find it), and avoiding
groups larger than 5 or 10.

October State Club Meeting
At this point, it is hard to know what the COVID 19 pandemic will be like in October,
so your executive committee is still making plans for the October State Club
meeting in Bakersfield October 21 – 25.  

At this time, we plan on having a dinner catered by The Crest on Oct 21, and the
Fresno Floaters have volunteered to prepare dinner on Oct 24.  So there are
openings for chapters to prepare breakfasts on Oct 22, 23, and 24, and dinners
on Oct 22 and 23.  Remember that chapters get $7 per person served for hot
breakfasts and $10 per person served for dinners, and the chapter preparing the
meal gets the net after expenses.  If we end up having two dinners catered by
The Crest, The Crest will cater one breakfast for us at no charge.

I am hoping to get two or three seminars at the meeting.  A couple of ideas I am
working on is one by Fantasy Tours, one by the California Highway Patrol, and
perhaps one by Camping World on motor home maintenance.  I am open to
suggestions for other seminars (but always keep in mind that if you make a really
good suggestion I will ask you to make the contacts and see what can be set up).

Because the Southwest Regional Rally in April has been cancelled, there may be
things they had planned to do that can be wrapped into the CA State Club meeting.

Also please keep in mind that
we will need a slate of officers for election at the
October meeting.
 So far we have a volunteer for President, a possible volunteer
for 1st VP, a volunteer for 2nd VP, and we will need volunteers for secretary and
treasurer.  Past President Sue Chambers is leading the nominating committee.

If anyone has a suggestion for activities we could do at Bakersfield, please contact
me or 1st VP Larry Imoe.

I hope to have an agenda and registration material ready by early July, probably
just before GNR is scheduled.  To know what the registration cost will be, I will
need to know by June 15 which meals chapters will prepare.  If we ultimately
have to cancel the October meeting, we will return the registration fee to all who
have registered.

State Club Officers
President                        Art Schipper (
First Vice President        Larry Imoe (
Second Vice President   Cheri  Imoe (
Secretary                        Mary Jehle (
Treasurer                        Bob Jehle (
Past President                Sue Chambers (

We wish for all good health and happiness, and we hope that concerns about
the COVID 19 pandemic will pass into history soon!

Art Schipper
Letter From The  President
March 23, 2020