Any chapter volunteering to purchase, cook and serve either a breakfast or dinner at a State Meeting or Rally will be paid $10.00 for breakfast and $15.00 for dinner based on the number of registered members and guests.  The chapter should contact the Treasurer before they purchase food to determine the number of people they will need to serve. 

A Food Coordinator will be appointed by the President.  The chapter preparing the food will send their menus to the coordinator before any food is purchased.  The Food Coordinator will determine if the menus from all chapters provide a varied menu for each scheduled meal at an outing.  The Coordinator may or may not change each year. The registration form for meetings and the rally will be asking for any special dietary restrictions such as diabetics and gluten sensitivities.  These will be passed on to the Chapters making meals, so they can make some adjustments for the entrée for those specific members.

The 1st Vice President will inform the Food Coordinator what the kitchen facilities are at the camping venue at least two weeks before the event.  The Food Coordinator will contact the chapters that will be cooking regarding what is available in the way of refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and freezers, so they will have that information when selecting their menu.

The chapters preparing meals must bring their own pots, pans, serving trays, etc.  If the Chapter needs any of these items the Food Coordinator or other Chapters may be able to assist.  Several members have roasters, etc.

All Chapters preparing meals must be prepared to clean up the kitchen and service area they used.  Bring dish soap, scrubber, dish towels, paper towels, measuring cups and serving utensils.

Club members should furnish their own table service for each meal including a dinner plate, salad plate, a small bowl, flatware and napkins and coffee cups if the Chapter is providing coffee with breakfast.   The Chapter providing the meal may choose to provide some of these items.

All food prepared and served must be consumed on dining preemies or meeting room.  No food should be taken back to rigs except for someone who is sick or disabled.

Hot Cakes (4 to 5 inches) 3 to 4 per serving
Waffles – 2 per serving
French toast – 2 half slices or 1 whole slice of bread
        (Keep in mind sugar free syrup for diabetics)
Bacon or sausage – 2 to 3 pieces per serving
Ham – ¼ to 3/8 inch thick per serving
Eggs – 2 per serving of boiled or fried, ¾ cup if scrambled
Biscuits & Gravy – 2 biscuits and 6 ounces of gravy. (1 biscuit if served with eggs and 4oz. gravy)
Juice or fruit – ½ cup or 4 ounces per serving
Toast – one slice with butter or margarine
Coffee – 
FOR THE YEAR      ???? have volunteered to have coffee available for meals!!

Entrée-one of the below
        Red meats – 6 ounces (raw weight) per serving
        Other meats (Poultry, Fish, etc.) 4 to 6 ounces (raw weight) per serving
        Meat Dishes (Casseroles, Pastas, Spaghetti, etc.) 8 ounces per serving
containing minimum amounts of meat as per no. 1 or 2 above with adequate
amounts of sauce.

Soups and Salads
        Soups or stews: 8 ounces per serving.
        Tossed – 1 cup or more per serving.  Six heads of lettuce per 50 servings.
        Vegetable – ¾ cup per serving
        Slaws – ¾ cup per serving
        Molded salad – ¾ cup per serving
        Fruit – ¾ cup per serving
        String beans, corn, peas, beets, zucchini, etc. ¾ cup per serving Starch
        Potato – one medium baked or 1 cup per serving
        Rice – 1 cup per serving
Bread or rolls
        One roll or slice of bread per serving (equivalent butter or  margarine)
        Also consider sugar free with a decent size serving (approximately 30)
        Pie – cut into 8 slices
        Cake or brownie – a decent size serving (can be smaller if served with
ice cream)
        Ice cream – at least a ½ cup serving

Sweet Rolls or Bagels
        Large, one per serving
        Small, two per serving
Donuts – two per serving
Muffins – Large, ½ per serving (consider cutting them in half)
            Small, one per serving
Juice or fruit – ½ cup per serving (4 ounces)

 Food Coordinator is Jerry Meade. He can be contacted at .