California State Club of WIT
Meeting Minutes
General Meeting, October 9, 2021

The meeting was called to order at the Bakersfield RV Resort by President Sue Chambers at 9:00 am with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Acting Secretary Art Schipper called the roll of State Club Officers. Present were:
President Sue Chambers
First Vice President Bruce Browne
Second Vice President – Vacant
Treasurer Bob Jehle
Secretary Art Schipper
(Acting) Past President Art Schipper

Acting Secretary Art Schipper called the roll of Chapters, which responded with the number of chapter rigs present
Chardonnay Travelers 8
Five Star Winnebagos 2
Fresno Floaters 10 1 Guest
Golden Bear Winnies 0
Hi-Desert Rig Runners 3
Lone Cypress Winnitascans 0
Mission Bell Travelers 2
San Diego Rolling Homes 1
Members at Large 2
Total, Including Guests          29 Rigs

President Sue Chambers recognized Past State Club President in Attendance
Art Schipper 2010, 2020
Sue Chambers 2011, 2019, 2021
Augie Sansone 2012, 2013
Bob Gorges 2018
President Sue Chambers recognized other State Club Officers in attendance Joe Bybee, Treasurer, 2009, 2010

1st VP Bruce Browne reported that Bean Bag Baseball signup sheets were on the registration table. In the evenings there would be Left-Right-Center one evening and Card Bingo on another evening. Everyone was invited to take part in the games.

Treasurer Bob Jehle passed out a report on the State Club Treasury as of January 2020 and October 2021, and the report was accepted and filed for audit.

Acting Secretary Art Schipper passed out copies of the Minutes for January 2020 meeting at Hemet. It was moved (Bob Jehle) and seconded (Augie Sansone) that the reading of the minutes be dispensed with and the minutes be approved as distributed and filed. Motion passed.

President Sue Chambers reported that it is becoming harder to find good RV Parks or fairgrounds with the facilities needed for the State Club. Some parks will not take groups during the winter months. Some parks are charging rates that seem too high for the State Club. She reported that we will be at Golden Village Palms in Hemet in January 2022, although the park is becoming more difficult to deal with. We are at Bakersfield RV Resort because their rates are reasonable, the staff is great to deal with, and the park is centrally located.
She asked members as they travel to ask parks about rates and facilities. Some parks under consideration are Mother Lode Fair Grounds at Sonora, Black Oak Casino RV Park at Tuolumne, and Casa De Fruta RV Park at Hollister. The site for the 2022 October meeting will be decided by the new State board in January.

Augie Sansone stated that we need to consider paying higher prices. For example, the Good Sam Rally and the FMCA Rally are over $400. President Sue Chambers asked if members were willing to have rallies with prices per coach $300 to $350.  Only one hand was raised.

President Sue Chambers said that for 2022 the State Club needs nominees for Secretary and Treasurer. If we do not have all positions filled it is possible that the State Club will fold. Of the 50 States, only 25 have state clubs, and the California State Club is the only one west of the Rockies.

Fred Bryner was recognized and read an email from WIT stating that WIT will no longer provide insurance to Clubs and Chapters, and that WIT is rewriting the rules, which will be guidelines instead of Bylaws. One point of discussion is that chapters will no longer need officers, only a “point of contact” and a Treasurer if they have any funds.

President Sue Clamberers reported that Fair Grounds are requiring a certificate of liability insurance. In the past the Winnebago Insurance Company has provided those certificates for the use of fairgrounds, but now will evaluate their participation on an individual basis. NOTE: After the Bakersfield rally, President Sue Chambers received further guidance from Kathryn Padgett of WIT. If a fairgrounds or RV Park requires a certificate of insurance for an outing of either the State Club or a chapter of the State Club, Winnebago will help with the cost of the insurance up to $750. WIT and the State Club or Chapter will work with Farm and City Insurance of Forest City to get the needed coverage.

The January Rally is scheduled for Hemet January 19 – 23, 2022. 

Past President Art Schipper gave a history of the California State Club. The Club was chartered by WIT in 1975; Bob Sanborn was the first President. At the time it was chartered, 6 Chapters were already in existence, some of which are still in existence and a few that have folded. WIT has given CalWIT a patch recognizing its 45 years as a State Club of WIT.

Pat Doyle talked about the Southwest Regional meeting, to be held March 16 – 20, 2022, at the Bakersfield RV Resort. The theme will be “Fun in the Sun”, and costs will be $290 for 4 nights. Fifty sites have been reserved, as well as the clubhouse. Pat will email the information to all chapters of the State Club, and will try to get it on the CalWIT website. Extra days before and after will be $45 per night. Reservations are due February 25, 2022.

Regarding Bylaws and “guidelines”, Loraine Downing reported that the Five Stars have prepared new bylaws and sent them to WIT. There has been no response from WIT. Lorraine said that they have emailed and called WIT, and have been told “by the end of the year”.

There being no further business, President Sue Chambers adjourned the meeting at 10:05.

Respectfully submitted,
Art Schipper, Acting Secretary with very significant assistance from Gay and Fred Bryner.